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Commitment Ceremonies

You’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with but choose not to be legally married or are unable to be legally married. A commitment ceremony is a celebration of the bond of love between any two people, not necessarily same sex couples. It’s very similar to a wedding ceremony only rather than being a legally binding ceremony, it is a public affirmation of a couple’s commitment to one another. You can have all the key elements of a traditional wedding ceremony including any rituals, readings, vows and poems desired, it just won’t be recognised as legally binding by the Australian government. I am a personal advocate for the gay community and stand up for the individual rights of every human being. I think denying anyone the right to marry because of gender or sexuality is simply not fair. Please go to Australian Marriage Equality for more information on this topic.

Vow Renewal

A marriage vow renewal is a testament to your love. It says your relationship has stood the test of time, that your love for each other has grown deeper, and that you would do it all over again were you given the opportunity. It gives you the chance to re-visit the highlights of your lives and involve the people that mean the most to your relationship today, whether that is the children you’ve raised together or other members of the family, even pets! I would love to discuss the opportunity to create a ceremony that confirms your love and recognises the life you’ve shared. Vow renewals are not a legal ceremony, rather a milestone ritual of significance for the couple.

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Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a non-religious celebration of the arrival of a new child. It is a way of welcoming the child and officially introducing him/her to family and friends. Naming ceremonies are appropriate for anyone, at any age. The arrival of a new baby, uniting of step or adopted children within a family or a child’s surname change can all be great reasons to hold a naming ceremony. Parents also have the opportunity to ask other adults to play a supportive role for their child through to adult life whether it be grandparents, godparents, mentors or supporters. Poems, readings and quotes of personal significance can be used throughout the ceremony and often a symbolic gesture is also made such as the lighting of a candle or the planting of a tree. In addition, certificates can be presented to parents and other special people as a record of the occasion.