Simon & Alison


February 2014

What They Said

“Nicola – thank you so much for helping us through the daunting task of planning a wedding ceremony. Always professional but thoughtful you helped us create a truly memorable event that was personal to us. Our ceremony was simply breathtaking which is simply a reflection of your perfect delivery and thoughtfulness throughout the marriage process. Thank you for making the day all about us! After meeting you as our wedding celebrant we knew you were something special and thought who better to involve in our wedding as our Master of Ceremonies (MC). We didn’t wish to ask family or friends as while speaking is an honour it often brings stress to the individual chosen. In you stepped, calm, cool and confident. Working closely with us on the scripting prior to our event ensured we were all comfortable with how the night would run. You were a delight on the evening, over prepared with seating charts, just in case, and you truly were an asset to the evening. Thank you so much for working so hard on our wedding reception, it didn’t go unnoticed by us or our guests.”

Simon & Alison – Lindesay House, Darling Point